Carole M. Lotito
Uncovers opportunity. Arms staff with powerful tools.

Carole Lotito is an engaging marketing and communications professional who helps organizations increase profits by:

• uncovering opportunity and 

                            • arming staff with powerful tools.


Carole combines deep, broad experience with high technical expertise. Director of marketing and communications for Kallman Worldwide and former director of advertising marketing at North Jersey Media Group, she has hands-on and management experience in virtually every area of digital, print, face-to-face (trade show) and out-of-home marketing, advertising and public relations. 


Carole is a personable, collaborative leader and a resourceful, self-directed learner. She empowers busy staff and management with critical intelligence, best practices and evolving trends.


As comfortable leading interdisciplinary brainstorming teams as she is rolling up her own sleeves, Carole’s skills and experience in all key marketing disciplines, from strategies to research to communications, allow her to eliminate the middleman and take projects full circle, delivering top results and saving time, money and energy

Her communications deliver because they are:

• simple

• benefits-focused

                            • visually appealing

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